One Click Too Many = Another Lost Customer

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Long story short, make it dead simple to convert your prospects into paying customers. You’d be amazed at the difference one extra click (or touch) will make. I recently consulted with a local business owner in Kennesaw, Georgia. They were frustrated at how few conversions they were experiencing after changing from a simple single-page site to a full multi-pageRead More

What Does My Site Look Like on Any Mobile Device?

It’s one thing to know that your site passes the basic mobile-friendliness tests, but it’s another thing to see how your customers view your site with their specific mobile or tablet device. We’re going to run an entire series of posts on designing and measuring your site for higher conversion rates, but for now I’ll shareRead More

Mobile Friendliness Test Tools

If you’re unsure of the mobile friendliness of your website, the first place to start would be with Google and Bing’s test tools. Go to both and enter the address of the sites and pages that you care about. If they pass these basic tests, then you’re well on your way. If not, then readRead More